My view on Forza Horizon 4

So, the new Forza Horizon game has come out and I thought I would give you my opinion on it.

The game’s start is eye-catching, action-packed and overall amazing. It draws you in with its a start in a Mclaren Senna, which surely any petrol head would love to drive. In Forza Horizon 4 the graphics make the British countryside look almost unreal but in a good way. I like the way they have set up the menu’s in this game compared to last year and the introduction of the super wheelspins which significantly boosted my money in the game and is not so hard to earn as last year. One thing that could do with improving though is the number of races you have to do compared to last year. There’s nothing else really. Overall for what its worth Forza Horizon 4 is the best out of them all.